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Thank you for your help.For all those who have come to know me, I have always strived to give the best of myself. The works I create are unique. (... to be more precise, I will not repeat the same canvas x times.) .. in a very personal search where doubts, pleasures, joys merge. Imagine a nice and beautiful canvas to look at, it's not more complicated than that, and so much the better if it can warm our heart, or even question us. If you have a work that you like, then do not hesitate.


Thank you for your confidence.


Mr Goralsky

"A painting lives only by the one who looks at it."

Pablo Picasso 

My others passions ..

- geobiology

- diving

I present you "Matter of Life" here are some lines of general explanations to the questions that I am often asked. "Matter of Life" 100x100cm / oil on canvas "My inspiration from where does it come from, what is my creative process, in a few words:


- The first step is to empty my mind. (to try to minimize our 60,000 daily thoughts produced closer to zero.)


- To breathe, to listen and then to throw on the canvas the first drafts in successive layers, starting from a nothing, an image, a fleeting vision crossing the mind, a feeling. This by allowing itself the error or total failure. We talk about automatic writing I can also speak about automatic painting, with the difference that it is spread over time.


- then resume and resume the process and arrive in successive layers until the equilibrium: the number of 15, they can form a beautiful thick with a lot of relief. The lower layers bring vibratory energy, balance and all the strength to the last. The Work acts as a pile, a generator.

For me it's always a small miracle, and if the canvas is beautiful so much better. The challenge is to capture, to extract the light of this dark matter from the subconscious (80% of our unconscious).


This is the sublimation and alchemical transformation of matter towards light. Although it is very subjective, you can, to varying degrees as a spectator of the work feel good, but not know why: you then capture the energy.

The palette of the oil painter


The oil colors are composed of pigments that form the colored material and a binder composed of purified linseed oil or carnation which binds and agglomerates them.


Oil painting is a slow technique to dry (it's called siccativer), as opposed to acrylic paint or watercolor, which are aqueous techniques.


This particularity allows the artist to take the time to mix his colors, recover an error and rework his motive for several days to get the fade, the shape of the shape, the key he wants.

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